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Application forms for GREEN AGRO SHOW - POLISH CEREALS 2013

Application forms for the GREEN AGRO SHOW - POLISH CEREALS 2013 exhibition are available only in electronic version. Please download forms, fill out and print out editable PDF files.

Conditions of participating in GREEN AGRO SHOW - POLISH CEREALS 2013 exhibition:
1. Acceptance of exhibition regulations.
2. Sending by post coreectly filled out application forms together with copy of ebnry in the register of entrepreneurs.
3. Payment of appropriate fees after receiving Confirmation of Participation from Organizers.

ATTENTION! Filled out forms can not be saved. After printing originals should be signed, stamped and sent at the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Agricultural Machines and Facilities office address.

Application forms include:

FORM A - (basic order - obligatory)
unbuilt area (a stand, grass-covered area); presentation fields, list of allowed crops; information on Sub-exhibitor(s) (form - A1);

FORM B - supplementary order

  • electric power,
  • advertisement masts,
  • auxiliary facilities,
  • unattended car park for trucks,
  • individual protection for the stand,
  • additional invitations,
  • advertisement in the Exhibition Catalogue.

FORM C - machines presentation at work 

  • participation in the field presentations,
  • participation in the sprayers show.
FORM D - application for use of unloading and loading services.
Regulations of exhibition
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